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Virginia Schweninger, Harpist: Photo Gallery

Howard Bryan, Virginia Schweninger and Todd Holt at Dress Rehearsal
Howard at Harps of Gold Dress Rehearsal
4 Wurlitzers restored by H. Bryan
Laura Stokes returned from Peabody to perform
Dress Rehearsal for '08 Harps of Gold Concert, Lynchburg, VA

So Proud of My Students

Playing the harp is sooooo much fun!
Laura Stokes heads off to Peabody Conservatory.
Recent winners of Wednesday Music Club Scholarships
Harp students of Virginia Schweninger and Adrienne Wager Perform at CMTA Festival
Nadine Roddy performs with HarpSong
Caroline Rainey is at last a Senior at Sweet Briar College. She also sings like a bird!
Arlo received at Ravenna for his Birthday!
Diane McClung plays her Heartland Harp
HarpSong of the Blue Ridge at Westminster Canterbury
Quinn, Mary Jo & Canaan perform at CMTA Festival
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